What we do

We are spatial, bespoke furniture, and product designers. Based in Hong Kong, SAR China, with a branch office in Shenzhen, Mainland China, Design Systems has been running since 1999.

Conversations with our clients play an irreplaceable role in our design process. They help us understand their target markets, competitors, and brand DNAs. In turn, in our projects, we emphasise each company’s uniqueness and story by creating personalised, meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and enduring spatial solutions.

Spaces of fancy extravagance are not of our taste; we prefer minimalism. We believe that, since each space has its own function and atmosphere, they are individual stories, each unique like a fingerprint. Therefore, our designs emphasise and accentuate spaces’ individualities and purposes. We also believe there’s a synergy between spaces and people; when people enter and interact with space, they activate it. Their interaction becomes a moment worth remembering. The object ceases to only be an object, but a character in each person’s life story.
We make an object, design an event, and create a moment.

Our Philosophy

If something could be inconspicuous, then it doesn’t need to be explicit.
If something could be simplistic, then it doesn’t need to be complicated.
If something has an intrinsic beauty, it should be discovered and embraced instead of being masked by ornamentation.
If something could be subtle, then it doesn’t need to be ostentatious.
We use geometry and abstract unity to extract the rules, principles, and orders from complications. We describe complications through simplicity. We use abstract unity to discover the “oneness” behind multiples.

We fervently insist on attending to and refining details. We like to make unique, customised details for each space. To us, details are like the spots of paint in a pointillist painting: each unique in either colour, shape, or size, but when they are put together, they form a coherent piece of artwork. As the use of strokes in a traditional Chinese painting — details are the foundation of subtle emotional expression. No detail in our designs is spared — from the macro to the micro — they all hold equal importance; they all weight the same to us.
We appreciate the delicate beauty of materials. We pay attention to each curve, grain, pattern, and colours of our materials, be it marble, wood, plastic, or metal. No materials are too humble. We are adept at expressing and enhancing the authentic beauty of each material.

When design could not be communicated through and understood by language, we insinuate suggestions in designs that could resonate with our users on an emotional level. Pure functionalism is superficial realism – we strive for more. When a design resonates with you, it becomes more than a useful object – it becomes a meaningful and personal treasure.

Realistic Romanticists.
We discover the spirituality in materiality. We make realistic choices to convey romantic intentions. We choose to be practical, so we can achieve our ideals. We find the imperfection in perfection.
We are functionalists, minimalists, realistic romanticists. We are both sense and sensibility.

Our Team

Lam Wai Ming
Isa Au Tsui
MK Au Yeung Ming Kai
Zhang Xing
Mandy Lu Chuman
Simon Wang Ji
Nikita Peng Yanfang
Kiki Yeung Tsz Ting