Being the cerebrum of Hong Kong International Airport, the Control Centre manages all functional areas and services inside one of the busiest terminal buildings in the world. Therefore the design aims at further streamlining its operation and to ensure accuracy and high efficiency.

The Control Centre consists of three main functional areas: the daily management and operations zone, the operation manager office, and the emergency management zone. Taking into account its operation mode, the designers have situated the manager office at the central position of the space and the arrangement of the feature ceiling so as to functionally streamline operation, at the same time visually punctuate the Manager’s leadership status.

Function is the basis of design. Considering the extremely high technical requirements and constraints on lighting, acoustic and air-conditioning issues, the designers have employed two design elements: the feature ceiling and custom-designed aluminium extruded louver panels. Such elements consequently turn those constraints into spatial possibilities, giving architectural features to the space.

In illumination respect, light sources are hidden inside the dropped triangular flanks of the ceiling panels, and light is reflected from the back of adjacent flanks. This is to avoid unpleasant glare from direct light source and interference with computer screens. For acoustic concern, apart from the feature ceiling that prevents echoes, the custom-designed aluminium extruded louver panels used as interior partitions and furniture front panels can also avoid reflection of sound wave, thus tackling short-distance acoustic issues.

As the Control Centre must operate in a 24-hour mode, and cannot allow temporary shut-down for even normal routine maintenance, a service gantry was constructed above the ceiling. Also for this reason, all air handling units of air-conditioning systems have to be installed at the centre of the hall since there is no console desk located in that area under normal circumstances. The funnel-shaped ceiling also serves as the only access for delivery of equipment to the service gantry above the ceiling.

From materials, technology, to function and aesthetic, the entire project is an embodiment of the professionalism, accuracy and high efficiency of the Hong Kong International Airport Control Centre.

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