Located in Dongguan, China, this project transforms a used factory building into a multifunctional space with an area of around 1300 sqm. It includes a showroom, a catwalk staircase, and a design office for a 2%, young fashion brand.

Inspired by the structure of "weaving cloth”, we employed an aluminium-extruded profile as the basic component of the walls. By manipulating the density of the extrusions, different walls with different functions were created. The walls are made up of densely corrugated aluminium, introducing a sense of mysteriousness while staying minimalistic.

The same extrusions with lower density were used as partitions to separate the design office from meeting rooms and the showroom. They give the partitions a semi-transparent quality, which encourages communication between franchisees and its designers.

To preserve the old factory's charming quality, terrazzo and steel angles were used to build a neutral background, while introducing more energy and variety to the space with glossy and refined elements, such as polished marble staircases and crystal chandeliers.

The details