The client for this project is Radiolocation Ltd., a consultancy the advises underground utility detection projects. The design mirrored the uniqueness of the business’ nature by using smart and custom-made design solutions.

The design is like a peculiar story: it begins with an elegant main entrance framed by a light ribbon, which symbolises how the company creates solutions that are enlightening and innovative.

Contrasts of different things – be in opinions, facts, shapes, or colours – could bring about fruitful new creations. The two walls of the entrance lobby have one painted in white while the other left raw and bear. The contrast of smoothness and rawness brings out the building’s industrial character. The dark wooden floor, illuminated by white lights from the exposed overhead and the dark skirting lit from behind, gives the lobby a sense of intimacy.

There’s a sharp departure in that sense of intimacy as one enters the entrance. Right behind the door lays an elongated corridor that leads to the meeting rooms and working area. Sunlight enters the space and gives the working area a warm, brisk, and bright atmosphere. The contrast between the dimmed entrance lobby and corridor suggests how the company brings its clients out of the dark by providing brilliant and expert solutions.

All partitions, working desks, and lighting are custom-made for this project. The profile of the partitions and light reflectors were developed from corrugated metal sheets that are commonly used in construction businesses. The choice of material alludes to the company’s business nature. Partitions are semi-transparent to encourage a culture of transparency but also protect privacy. The zigzag-shaped light reflector evenly distributes lighting to the worktops, which illuminates the worker’s personal spaces comfortably.

Each design element and detail is imbued with symbolism and intention. It creates a sense of discovery and also reflects the company’s professionalism.

The details