With the things we treasure the most — be it a photograph of our grandmother, a keychain gifted by our daughter, a ring from our first love — we store it in a safe place and put it away. Perhaps in a metal box or a shoebox that we safely tuck under the bed. After a while, we forget it existed until we clean our room or pack our belongings for a new home.

What if we have a place to store these precious, often miscellaneous, items? Somewhere we could always see them, yet does not take up space in our cabinets and drawers?

We designed the Capsule Lamp for these occasions. You can preserve your treasures into plastic capsules, hook them onto a wooden light fixture, and hang it in your rooms. Every time you look up to the ceiling, you would be reminded of your memories and aspirations.

The capsule lamp is a person's past, present or future — a time capsule that transcends time.

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